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About Marfan Brasil
The Fundação Marfan Brasil - (Brasil Marfan Foundation) has as its mission to improve the quality of life of sufferers, divulging information to them, families members and health professionals about the Marfan syndrome and related disorders and to divulge the latest scientific advances in treating the effects of the syndrome in patients as well as its future cure.

This group involves people from various areas in healthcare (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists) it aims to offer a common and full approach to patients affected by the Marfan Syndrome as well as their families.

A new project is underway in Brazil, supported by the association's experts and founders, Professor Lygia da Veiga Pereira PhD and Professor Ana Beatriz Alvarez Perez PhD, which has the aim of studying the development of Marfan Syndrome and its treatment, in an effort to map out its various mutations to provide the basis for a genotype-phenotype correlation and future gene therapy.